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  • What does bring joy to your home?? Coming soon, we’ll launch something jolly, something fresh. 🍇🍊🍓💛🌼Can you guess what is it?
  • Make it simple, yet cheerful by choosing tote bag for your daily activities. In this new normal era, we need to bring so many stuffs, from hand sanitizer, tumbler, masks and so on. That’s why this kind of bag is a must item! 🌼🌻🌸🌻 Discover all patterns at our website
  • Take a closer look to #TropisTotebag. A compact size your your daily use. Made of waterproof nylon.Available at or Tokopedia
  • The Born Again sweater vest is running low now! The jet-black and festive floral-fruity combination is too irresistible to add to your wardrobe.Click now or tropis studio on Tokpedia before it sold out!✨✨✨✨
  • LAST CHANCE TO BUY our Bundle Up sweatshirt and Get disc up to 50%offGo visit or
  • COP THEM ALL IN OUR BLACK FRIDAY SALE 🔥🔥🔥Discount up to 50% only at & #sale #tropisstudio
  • Outfit inspirations ideas ✨✨ Kira-kira kalian akan pakai outfit ini buat kemana? Kampus atau kantor?Komen di bawah ya 😘
  • Just hopping arround in the garden, finally we can bring our bag out 🌈✨🌟💙#puffybag #slingbag #garden #tropis #pattern #happyday #mask #staypositive
  • If you're kind of simple person, this petite bag will suit you! Apakah kamu tipe yang suka pakai tas kecil? ✨✨✨Coba bisikkin, biasanya isinya apa aja sih? Well, kalau kita sih paling cuma card holder, smartphone, dan lipstick. Kalau kamu?
  • Play around with the vibrant color to brighten up your mood with Puffy Totebah in Lakeside Pattern 🏞💚🧡💛Pre order Now! Link in Bio ✨✨
  • Say heloo to our new puffy totebag “Beach Baby”. The color of the ocean it often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom or health. 💧🌊💧🌊Now available to pre-order at Tokopedia & shopee
  • Meet our new puffy totebag in sweet garden pattern 🌸🌸. We call this kind of bag as a multi-function bag. The design is compact, it has a large space, handy strap, and bright pattern. We can use it as an office bag, grocery bag, or diaper bag. It's up to you! ✨✨✨ Available to pre order at shopee and Tokopedia. Click link on bio now!
  • THE NEW PUFFY TOTEBAG! Made of waterproof nylon materials! Fits all your necessities & even leaves room for the extra! ✨✨Available for Pre-order at Tokopedia & Shopee#tropisstudio #totebag #waterproof
  • Another inspiration #tropisinspo By @tuberosamx
  • Gift for family, friends, tote lovers, accesories lovers, these items will be the cutest gift ever! ✨🌼💛✨🤩🎉Tag you sisters, bestfriends now! Get disc up to 30% off at, Tokopedia & shopee
  • Oh, look: Tropis Bucket Hat! Sunny day? Grab 'em because the floppy brim will protect you from direct sunlight.Rainy days? Even better reason! Because Tropis Bucket Hat is made from waterproof canvas to keep your head from the chilly raindrops. 🌈✨🌦☀️💧Thank you for sharing @thisisatta 💛Shop now at
  • We love green 💚💚 Which green do you like the most?#color #green #tropisstudio
  • Make it colorful, make it meaningful! What kind of color that boost your mood? ✨✨✨Discover all product only at, Tokopedia or Shopee 🧡💛💚
  • Which Marylin Bag Does Suit Your Personality? Black: Sincere Firm LogicalPeach: Open-minded Energetic MelancholyBlue: Joyful Peace SincereComment down below 👇🏻

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